Jan Carleklev is a sound artist and designer who creates artworks that challenge our perception of sound and our surrounding. His field of expertise are sound, experience design and related technologies. Some of his recent projects include:

Ljudrörelsen is an ongoing artistic research project about the physical dimension of sound, and sonic in- and exclusion. It has resulted in several smaller happenings and will finally accumulate into an audio-visual dance performance in early 2020.
[Supported by Kulturbryggan/ Swedish Arts Grants Committee.]

Här & Där was a collaboration between three artists (Petra Lindholm, Marcus Emilsson and Jan Carleklev) in 2018. The project created an interactive, immersive art experience by taking the visitor though a  poetic walk into a fictive/ real exhibition.

Spår av Hågkomst is a performance that relies on the interplay of sound, film and dance. This work was created in collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Anna Öberg.

Oväsen, an interactive sound and sound art exhibition at Eksjö museum, accompanied by workshops on sound for children.


Newest release meel on ant-zen. For more information on music and sound design please visit this page.