An Elegy

The brief was to design a sonic stage set for an intermedia performance/ artwork by renown artists Lundahl & Seitl. Providing a very technical advanced but transparent and easy to use interface between audience and performers.


We developed and designed the solutions

for content and management of innovative/ interactive lighting, motion and AV control. The infrastructure is very intricate and requires several non-standard solutions, which also need to be perfectly robust.


During the performance different protocols like

DMX, MIDI and arduino must communicate with

each other in order to perform in sync. Another

challenge is to manage the Sennheiser wireless audio system with 24 discrete audio streams so that the audience gets a transparent and uninterrupted experience. In a live performing situation like this, it simply needs to work every time without failure. “An elegy to the medium of film” premiered successfully in Graz/ Austria in October 2014. It will be shown at several Performing arts festivals in Europe during 2015 and 2016.

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